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•  High precision dual (or single) point temperature measurement and logging in connection with a PC.

•  Miniature sensor elements for fast response and ease of attachment to different sensors.

•  Sensing elements are remotely attached to the instrument for their easy positioning on the area of interest.

•  Water tight and robust for reliable operation in chemical or biological laboratories.

•  Visual aid on the instrument for indication of acquisition activity.

•  Low power consumption instrument..

•  User-friendly software including long duration logging capabilities.

•  Extended temperature range sensors available.

•  Devices individually calibrated.

•  Product is fully designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


The AP-T312 is an easy-to use, robust and high precision two channel digital temperature transmitter. The AP-T311 is functionally similar to AP-T312 with the exception of having only a single sensing element.

The AP-T300 series uses the RS232 port for connection to a personal computer (PC).

They can also be connected to the USB port via a USB-RS232 adapter. (The adapter is not provided and should be purchased separately).

The sensing elements of AP-T300 family are connected with
1 ft. (30 Cm) of flexible cable.

The AP-T312 having two independent sensing elements permits differential temperature measurement between two user defined points. This feature is useful in measuring temperature gradient in an area or in a gas flow stream.

The combination of AP-T300 family with associated Windows ® based software provides you a powerful temperature logger.


The software allows you to select the sampling rate from a predefined range. In addition, it has the feature of automatic reduction in sampling rate when the input temperature change is less than a user defined value.

The software automatically saves the data in ASCII text format compatible to Excel ® for future analysis.

The AP-T311 and AP-T312 can provide a measurement resolution better than 0.04 F (0.02 C).

Each unit is individually calibrated and delivered with 2-point calibration data.

AP-T300 family is robust and water proof.




•  Measurement ranges: In order to obtain the highest resolution for measurements, different standard ranges are available. The total range has a resolution (smallest measurable quantity) of about 1000 point. The ranges and associated resolutions are as follows:

•  +20 to +50 °C ( +50 to +130 °F) for biomedical and life-science applications.

•  -5 to +105 C (25 to 220 °F) for general engineering and environmental applications.

•  Extended measurement ranges from -50 C to +150 °C can be provided at extra costs.

  • Precision: Depends on the selected range of measurement. It varies between 0.2 °C (0.3 °F) to larger values.
  • Operation temperature range for electronics of AP-T300 family: 0 to 70 °C (30 to 160 °F).
  • Minimum System requirements: 8MB of RAM, 2 MB of disk space. 800 X 600 resolution. 1 free RS232 or USB port.
  • Software compatibility: Windows XP/VISTA
  • Power source: RS232 or USB port. No need for battery or external supply.
  • Dimensions of the sensor(s) elements: 2.5 X 2.5 mm (0.1 " X 0.1")
  • Dimensions of AP-T3xx device: W=1" (25.4mm), H= 9/16" (14.3 mm), L=4" (100.4 mm)


  • Life science and engineering research laboratories requiring high quality and yet simple and low cost measurement equipment.
  • Environmental monitoring requiring robust and simple instruments.
  • Differential (two point) temperature measurement applicable in thermal gradient determination.
  • Long duration data logging with storage in Excel ® compatible files.
  • Possibility of post processing and analysis in Excel ® worksheet.



  • Warranty: These products have a 15 month limited warranty. (Shipping costs are excluded).
  • Extended warranty is available.
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